I am not splitting off from you

I might have offended you,

I might have critisized you even though I don’t know you.

You can be that ordinary boy I loved,

You can be that little spies the government had planted around me.

I looked down and up into you,

I wish you loved me a little bit.

You said I’m taking advantages off your privileged background,

You said I need to have my own identity,

You wanna fire me so that I can find a better home man. No way.

You have rich oil,

I have money,

Let’s marry and make more oil out of money.

Guess which one is me – around 1982 at Tianshan Xinjiang China

Blurry me at same place in 30 years later

Smart Us

I walked into the tangled room,

It’s deadly silent.

workers were seated like primary students, each with their chair and canteen desks 1 meter apart from each other.

Then I started to untangle the 30 meter long electrical cable. It’s one tangle in another and another… I’m not joking, it’s like the worst tangle ever. I felt like the end of the world. Too scared my limbs were shaking.

All of sudden they started talking shit.

I heard the word “smart”.

I have a smile on my face,

great, now you know I’m pretending to be smart.

Then I saw my young and beautiful colleague’s face, she’s deadly serious.

I know she’s thinking,

she would have picked up those cables before they were tangled.

She’s the greatest leader I have seen so far.

She cleans the media table like it’s the toilet seat.

She wipes the cube divider like it’s the toilet seat again.

I wish this picture is taken by the star above us.

For my great cheer leader, C.

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Do I love myself?

I don’t love myself.

I used to be caring for my look so much that I needed to do plastic surgery.

I have been on Keto for ever. If not, I will hate my body.

People say that I have a big loving heart, I say no, I have small heart and I have an evil soul.

I dislike my DNA. I always envy those who have good genes.

I don’t think I’m a good mum, I can never say to him: sweet heart… darling baby… honey..

I’m not a good worker, always just do whatever I’m asked to do.


I do love my writing.

I do love to give and helping people in need.

I do love to do what ever I can to change the world.

Am I a good writer? 😉

Outside Centrelink

2 hours outside Centrelink,

a lot had happened.

Someone was not happy with the officer, and yelled, then peacefully walked away.

An African woman stood in front of me, I thought, are you jumping in? Thankfully, she left.

Otherwise, I’ll have to let her, because I also thought of what might have happened to her in her entire life.

A police also came to say hello to each queuer, and said, be patient, it’s going to take a bit longer.

I was so boring and started to wonder about him and love.

He is just a white noble man who taught me about love.

What has he taught me?

Love is patience, I’ll wait for ever for it to happen.

Love is sympathy, sympathy was not my word, I was happy to know he had huge sympathy toward me.

Love is arrogant, we never really talked to each other.

When I found out he had other priority for me, I said, really? Yes, he assured.

Then I put him on my palm and smiled with my heart and said to him, free yourself my lord,

he flew away freely.

I myself ran away with my arms swing in the air like a little girl, to my next lover.

I won’t die with you now, we have our priorities.


I despise my hometown

I was beaten to death by poverty in my father’s hometown,

Your past was raped by your people in your father’s hometown.

We met in Australia, home of the Opera House.

In our 20s, we hated each other,

In our 30s, we loved making love,

In our 40s, we loved our heart so much that making love is too much.

Looking at 50s, I wanna have a lot of lovers like you.

You visit me in my cafe, to try my Chinese Aussie brekkie.

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You are sick

You felt sick,

I wanted to visit you with my Chinese food everyday,

I made delicious Beijing duck for you,

Then I changed my mind.

I said sorry to you,

Sorry I couldn’t make it.

Sorry I was touched by your words sometimes.

Trust the government, I said to my friend.

I will make the dish when you are well.

Wrote on 30/03/20

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I have another confess

I am an useless rat.

Let me tell you how,

I want LV bag so badly that I slammed men to buy for me,

I want to comfortably lay in my bed to day dreaming, so I begged the government for some pension,

I begged parents to buy house for me so I can have a shelter.

I wronged the government,

they sent little sexy creatures to me to have fun with me,

so I can forget the pain and enjoy now.

I wronged you,

always judged you and classed you into classes. I did that to myself as well.

I laughed about you in my mind, then I laughed myself to be inside those little pictures you have depicted for me in front of my eyes.

This is a funny story, a romantic one, you know I love being romantic.

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I’m sorry

In my past life,

I was told wrong a million times but I was never sorry, I ran away, I cry, I try, but never sorry.

Then I met you, you said I’m sorry,

I think you are the perfect match for me. You must loved me because you kept on saying “I’m sorry”.

I got my perfect match, my 1 carat diamond ring from China town.

Ordinary life with tones of sorry from you.

Then the theft stole that ring, our marriage broke.

In my current life,

Even more men said sorry to me. I said to one of them, I want to have a baby with you.

We only met once.

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Except that you have altered the history

Except that you have altered the history,

I won’t believe that you have rejected me because you never loved me.

You might have too big of a cock,

You will to die for your country,

You probably were an arrogant gentleman,

They told me that you are a spy, I don’t believe it, unless you have altered the history.

We are global villager,

Before the end of the world,

we meet in Africa.

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It's rainy day again

I remember when people all try to rush into marriage,

We were in love and in bed,

On the rainy day, you said to me:

“Don’t you love the sound of the rain? It’s like music.”

I agreed.

12 years later,

Chris said to me:”It’s raining, mum.”

I said back:”Don’t you love the sound of the rain? It’s like music.”

He agreed.

When ever there is a rain, Chris looks at the rain and mumbling: “Sound of music.”

Then he happily jumps into the car,

we head to his expensive school you afforded.

Co-ed, it is.

Dream work

25 years of academic, certificate after certificate.

16 years of searching for office work.

Office politics is like dancing in the rain,

I quit.

Wait, I want to sue you for inequality,

simply thinking of this, made me feel like I’m a real human being like you are, I felt I have a pair of bird’s wing which slowly lifted me high above the ground, and swing my spirit into the blue sky. I wanted to call out my free feeling to someone but no one to hear, so I started to singing the songs that I couldn’t plotter. Forget about the paper work I have to go through to sue you, I’m already free when I plottered my suing towards you.

Yet it hadn’t happen and no compensation was earned. I hadn’t earned my equality, yet I’ll send you a Christmas card for companionship.

Now I am doing dream work,

cleaning the factory warehouse at 5 am, cashing in while losing weight.

The 5 kg vacuum is on my back, in my mind, I’m drafting my writing for the day.

Where is this going to lead? I don’t know, I have enough money to support me for now, I know.

Good person and the end of the world

I have been thinking about him all day,

son keeps ringing me,

I couldn’t hear a word he said, until he struck me when he said:” mum, you are a good person, but dad said this virus is pandemic and you need to stock up food….. dad got 70 cans of food… ”

What kind of son calls mum a good person? This Chinese mum said back to him:” a good person? are you crazy?” He said back:” you are crazy, mum.”

Yes, I forgot, you are an Australian and I’m Chinese.

Now come back to the virus situation. I have been thinking about my love situation non stop. Watching people panic made me wonder, what’s the point of living without love and freedom?

Fake Words

Today I have come to realisation that I have been written fake words,

I make up stories to gain your attention.

You are my god, I reveal my true feeling towards you.

You never said a lie to me, you told me true lies.

You told me:” Truth can be painful for a while.”

I felt so much pain since I met you,

yet, I love you so much day by day, why?

Because truth is love. Truth is sweet. Truth is big heart. Truth is trophy. Truth is knowing. Truth is big dream….

I love you. My true god.

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Changing the world, so you and I can be together

You love me, I know.

I love you, I dream.

So what are we afraid of? Why can’t we get together?

I have low self esteem. In this world, I don’t have a great background, I can’t give you anythings, maybe I can’t give you love.

Only if the world is up side down, then I will have the confidence to love you with who I am.

That is why I have come to the idea of “Changing the world.”

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That Event – For Grace and Mercy

That event, Grace and Mercy met.

Grace was makeup free but she didn’t know it was for him.

Mercy showed his first signs of being a genie later noticed by Grace.

Mercy loved her by showing her his talents: he can sing like a host, she can’t ; he wouldn’t listen to a word she says, she’s shy; he gave an origami heart to a perfect girl when finishing. Grace saw that, she was happy that this plain boy found love.

Later in the Wechat group which she held, he became the leader who showed mercy and love to her and every single person.
Each day, a reality virtual show is going on in her group. There are discussions about love, living, there are dispute and disagreement about politics and love, but never any argument, because this group is just so great and filled with so much wonderful people. As Mercy always praise them: you are a champion. And to her, he says: “you have done a great job. I have told my mum about you.”

In this process, Grace learnt to become a leader, why? Because Mercy taught her, he said to her, I’m too blunt, then Grace realised she was too blunt yesterday to R. When Grace apologised to R, she cried because they all said, no big deal. Grace finally learnt what is respect. She doesn’t yell at her son but now she let her son do what ever he chooses to do. Ever since, Grace watches Mercy, what is he really talking about? He seemed to be trying to teach Grace every skill a leader needs to possess. She absorbed all of them. Grace changed, she was a quiet thinker who just wanted to make some money out of her poverty, now she broadcasted to the world and told them what she has been thinking all these years: I want to change the world. She finally found herself and what she is. She was so proud of her.

One day, Mercy gave resignation to her and the group: I am leaving you guys. And to her, he says: don’t forget what you have said.

Grace didn’t know what to do, she cried and cried and she knew that she fell in love with he who gave her a new life. She knew she fell in love with freedom, dream and who she is.

So she chased him bluntly. She just wanted to marry Mercy. Will she succeed? Let’s see.


She is rich, I’m poor

She is beautiful, I am plain, says who, them all

Really? says me

Yep! said them

He chooses her over me

I’m not surprised, I knew they both loved money! They were made for each other!

I love money too, I need to find the man who loves the equal amount of money as I do.

I’m waiting patiently, really.

My Prophet

I’m in love with a man of my life. He’s a writer, and I have convinced myself that all the words he wrote is about me. He wrote:“He chooses her, of course, even better, he loves her, day after day. True love, that’s the thing.” I think he’s saying he loves me hehe

For years, I dreamed of meeting my true love while we are both doing teaching volunteer work. People tell me that I’m a dreamer. I thought so too. Until I found him. We met through volunteer work.

Being him, he gives courage and kindness to everyone in the world, but the thing that killed me is that he showed me who I am and he loved me like a father to son.

I don’t know why is he not the prime minister of this country, the system is just wrong. I can’t imagine a world filled with everyone just like him, encouraging, wise, loving, kind, brave… Oh my god you name it.

When I realised that I loved him, I told him that honestly. I have asked him for a date and he refused me gently. I don’t blame him, how can a father date his son? I’ll wait and mean while trying to become a person like him. Even better, I hope to beat him, you encourage me, I encourage you more; you brave, I’m braver than you; you write touching words, I write emotional sentence. It’s not likely that I’ll succeed but that’ll be the way I love him.

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在我的Global Village 里,大家都穿着大裤衩子横行街头,不化妆抹眉,不知道能不能做到,只觉得那样会身心健康。

Wrote on 08/03/2020







Wrote on 08/03/2020

She’s beautiful!



儿子喜欢刨根问底,他几次抓到日本餐厅的服务员问:“你们日本文字是不是学中国的呀?” 这些日本人的反应颠覆了我一向对他们精神的崇拜。因为他们无一人回答儿子这个问题,而且那种眼神是:你是不是找事啊? 这让我思考,日本人你到底怎么想我们中国?日本精神到底是不是我一直认为的世界都应该学习的东西?



Wrote on 19/03/20

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Feel like a whole

Searching for love made me feel like a whore sometimes, and a free whore.

The only presents I got from various men are sex toys, massage ball, sex toys, spiritual quotes… This is far from my definition of been loved. Unless a LV bag or a diamond ring showed up, I can then believe that I’m been appreciated of my great sex skills and excellent oral service. (Oral service is usually done when I feel the freedom of doing what ever I like to do with my mouth and body. )

Hint hint: LV or diamond before telling me that you are hungry for me. Thank you very much!

Wrote on 06/03/2020




另一个我经常尖锐得提出各种问题给我讨论,也会提出我从未思考过的点。比如,我这个民主社会中的弱势人士,总觉得民主社会真的好,但是他平等吗?为什么我有时觉得那么无助?另一个我说,有种族歧视的社会是平等的社会吗?类似这种问题,让我问她,那什么社会才是最好的呢?她说Global Village! 这是个我看过的电视节目的名字,顿时我觉得这个提议太棒了,我对她佩服得五体投地。


wrote on 29/02/2020

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Why me Why you, and what if?

What if I met you when I was young and vibrant,

What if you met me when you were selfish?

We would live happily ever after, you know why, because your god said so.

Now in our 40s, we actually met and have grown together in the matter of a few months.

We found love.

Along the way, we found: friendship, physical attraction, dignity, revolution, trust… everything beautiful you can imagine on human beings.

We simply agree on everything, we are passionate about the same thing, your World Family, my Global Village. You solved my puzzle on love and indifference.

You are my prophet, you showed me what kindness can do to people, I quote you” it got too much that I had to pass it on to other people or I’ll be drowned.”

We are not together yet, although I’m crazy about you, your soul and your appearance, I feel we are still missing the last ingredient to have our French kiss.

That is, your honesty, my love. 😉

What’s your future lover’s name?

Sex talk

I have been trying to purge any sex conversations in my We chat group because I was afraid of losing female potential customers. I feel the need to express my feelings toward sex so the man who is interested in me will understand me better.
I am a believer in egocentrism, I think we only do things that we do to benefit ourselves. So why do I have sex with you? Because it makes me feel good doing it with you. What makes the best sex? I feel I click with you, that simple! I could be horny because of expensive gifts, flattering words, or love. But clicking with you is the basis. I met an old truck driver, he’s still working at 60s so that he can look after his adult children, too bad, I would have clicked with him if he was 20 years younger. I clicked with another younger man, he’s like the toughest teacher ever and the best friend of my life, too bad he’s not available. So the guy out there, you know what I mean?
I have a secret wish, one day, man and woman, young and old, we talk about sex because we all really enjoying it.
Again, I hope I don’t lose more male or female potential customers.

Disadvantages & Advantages of Speed Dating

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Speed dating?As the closing date for registration of my 1st dating event is approaching, a potential client said to me: I’m taking a chance with you Wang, if I do register. I said, thank you for taking a chance with me, if you do register.

So what do I guarantee with this event? This client answered it precisely for me. It is a number’s game, but why not the other dating method? I list below some of the disadvantages and advantages of my dating event:


  1. How do I know if even 1 of the 10 attendees will click with me?
  2. If I want to meet at least 100 people as it’s a number’s game, I will need to pay $200.
  3. Close interaction makes me nervous
  4. How do I know if I’m going to be shocked or surprised at the event?
  5. Comment blow if you have more, I’m happy to discuss with you. 🙂


  1. Do we know every thing anyway?
  2. How many people can you meet in online dating in a year? How much money and time does it cost? What about introduction agent? With us, this 100 people can be spanned within a few months in some weekend morning. Is there any other efficient way of meeting this much people? You tell me.
  3. The nervous, shy feelings along with the excitement etc etc.. where can you get these feelings in today’s dating field?
  4. We let every one meet and greet in our Wechat group before the event happens.

Hope this convinces you to join us on 2 Nov 2019.

The Speed Dating Event

A lot of people wonder what my event is about, in my opinion, it is not a party, or just for fun. I am actually targeting for success rate of finding your true love. Although I’m not a love expert, I don’t even know what kind of person I’m looking for myself, I’m just looking for that click feeling.

Let’s get to the point: each event will be focusing on 10 girls and 10 boys, the activities are composed of Game time, Question time, Music and mingle time. Here is a brief schedule for Sat 2 Nov 2019:

  • Starts 8:30 – Ends 11:00 am
  • 8:30 – 8:32 – Brief introduction
  • 8:32 – 9:20 – Game time: 10 boys and 10 girls play Interaction games with each other and taking turns, so that each person gets to play with all of the 10 opposite sex. There will be surprise gifts for the winner boy and girl.
  • 9:30 – 10:30 – Question time: You get to question each of the 10 opposite sex in turns, each of the 20 person can ask about 5 questions. I have prepared 12 interesting questions if you run out of your own.
  • 10:30 – 10:40 – We will find out who has got a date. There will be surprise gifts for the girls.
  • 10:40 – 11:00 – Music & Mingle: Free time to enjoy live music and mingle, you’re also welcome to steal the karaoke microphone.

Interesting Speed Dating Questions

Some of the questions I would like to ask at Speed dating, it’s suitable for guys also. There are no right or wrong answers, the aim is just to find someone who you click:

  1. What do you do for a living?
  2. What’s your family composition?
  3. What sort of assets do you own?
  4. Would you have sex on your first date?
  5. How do you usually please your other half?
  6. When you are about to vomit due to pregnancy sickness, you ask your husband to pass you a plastic bag quickly, he replied: “Please say please.” what would you say back?
  7. What do you think of marriage prenup?
  8. If your partner hasn’t worked for a while now, what would you do to get him/her back to work?
  9. Are you a person who can date multiple people at the same time or someone who must focus on 1 date?
  10. Do you think man should be treated like your baby?
  11. Do you think woman should be treated like your princess?
  12. If your child was born imperfect, what would you perceive life to be like?

速配时的一些有趣问题,男女都适用. 没有对错答案,只为找到您的那个对的人:

  1. 你是做什么工作的?
  2. 你的家庭组合是怎样的?
  3. 您拥有什么资产?
  4. 你会在第一次约会发生性关系吗?
  5. 你通常怎样娱乐你的另一半?
  6. 如果你在孕吐前,你问你的老公快速递个塑料袋来,他答你:请你说“请”!你该怎么回答他呢?
  7. 你怎样认为婚前财产公证?
  8. 如果你的配偶长时间不工作,你会怎样使他/她重回职场?
  9. 你会同时约会多人,还是一时只能专注于一人?
  10. 你觉得女人应该把男人当成自己的小宝宝吗?
  11. 你觉得男人应该把女人当成自己的公主吗?
  12. 如果您的孩子天生有残疾,你会怎样看待自己的人生呢?

Why ME?

Do you ever wonder about “Why me”? When things don’t go your way? I had this question pounding in my head for a while, and it made me wonder why do we suffer. Meanwhile, the people around me, my family, my friends, colleagues, clients showed me glimpse of love. I realised this : Why not me? I’m so privileged to be that one, the me! I have never appreciated myself that much as soon as I realised “why not me”.

That is why I wanted to do this blog, to share with you how I learn to be why not me. I hope you enjoy this blog. Feel free to shoot me your thoughts people.