Interesting Speed Dating Questions/有意思的速配提问

Some of the questions I would like to ask at Speed dating, it’s suitable for guys also. There are no right or wrong answers, the aim is just to find someone who you click:

  1. What do you do for a living?
  2. What’s your family composition?
  3. What sort of assets do you own?
  4. Would you have sex on your first date?
  5. How do you usually please your other half?
  6. When you are about to vomit due to pregnancy sickness, you ask your husband to pass you a plastic bag quickly, he replied: “Please say please.” what would you say back?
  7. What do you think of marriage prenup?
  8. If your partner hasn’t worked for a while now, what would you do to get him/her back to work?
  9. Are you a person who can date multiple people at the same time or someone who must focus on 1 date?
  10. Do you think man should be treated like your baby?
  11. Do you think woman should be treated like your princess?
  12. If your child was born imperfect, what would you perceive life to be like?

速配时的一些有趣问题,男女都适用. 没有对错答案,只为找到您的那个对的人:

  1. 你是做什么工作的?
  2. 你的家庭组合是怎样的?
  3. 您拥有什么资产?
  4. 你会在第一次约会发生性关系吗?
  5. 你通常怎样娱乐你的另一半?
  6. 如果你在孕吐前,你问你的老公快速递个塑料袋来,他答你:请你说“请”!你该怎么回答他呢?
  7. 你怎样认为婚前财产公证?
  8. 如果你的配偶长时间不工作,你会怎样使他/她重回职场?
  9. 你会同时约会多人,还是一时只能专注于一人?
  10. 你觉得女人应该把男人当成自己的小宝宝吗?
  11. 你觉得男人应该把女人当成自己的公主吗?
  12. 如果您的孩子天生有残疾,你会怎样看待自己的人生呢?

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