Disadvantages & Advantages of Speed Dating/速配相亲的优缺点

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Speed dating?As the closing date for registration of my 1st dating event is approaching, a potential client said to me: I’m taking a chance with you Wang, if I do register. I said, thank you for taking a chance with me, if you do register.

So what do I guarantee with this event? This client answered it precisely for me. It is a number’s game, but why not the other dating method? I list below some of the disadvantages and advantages of my dating event:


  1. How do I know if even 1 of the 10 attendees will click with me?
  2. If I want to meet at least 100 people as it’s a number’s game, I will need to pay $200.
  3. Close interaction makes me nervous
  4. How do I know if I’m going to be shocked or surprised at the event?
  5. Comment blow if you have more, I’m happy to discuss with you. 🙂


  1. Do we know every thing anyway?
  2. How many people can you meet in online dating in a year? How much money and time does it cost? What about introduction agent? With us, this 100 people can be spanned within a few months in some weekend morning. Is there any other efficient way of meeting this much people? You tell me.
  3. The nervous, shy feelings along with the excitement etc etc.. where can you get these feelings in today’s dating field?
  4. We let every one meet and greet in our Wechat group before the event happens.

Hope this convinces you to join us on 2 Nov 2019.

速配相亲的优缺点是什么?在第一个相亲活动的注册截至日期将近时,一位潜在客户问我:‘我觉得注册王总的活动就是等撞大运。” 我说谢谢你给我机会,如果你注册的话。



  1. 我怎么知道这10个参与者里有1个和我擦出火花?
  2. 既然是数字的游戏,那么我如果想认识100个人,我需要付$200.
  3. 近距离接触令我紧张。
  4. 我怎么知道我会在现场被惊喜还是惊吓到?
  5. 请在下面列出其他缺点,我很乐意和您讨论。 🙂


  1. 你能预料到所有事情吗?
  2. 在约会网站上,您一年可以见多少人?会需要多少时间和钱呢?还有婚姻中介是不是也一样?跟我们的活动,这100人可以在几个月的周末早晨分配开来见。还有比这更有效率的见人方式吗?如果有,请告知。
  3. 紧张,害羞和兴奋等等的各种感情。。。 在今时今日的约会市场里,还有哪里可以找到?
  4. 在活动前,我会让所有参与活动的朋友们在我们的微信群里认识和介绍自己。

希望以上可以说服您来参加我们2019.11.02 的速配活动。

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