Sex talk/性的话题

I have been trying to purge any sex conversations in my We chat group because I was afraid of losing female potential customers. I felt the need to express my feelings regarding sex so the man who is interested in me will understand me better.
I am a believer in egocentrism, I think we only do things that we do to benefit ourselves. So why do I have sex with you? Because it makes me feel good doing it with you. What makes the best sex? I feel I click with you, that simple! I could be horny because of expensive gifts, flattering words, or love. But clicking with you is the basis. I met an old truck driver, he’s still working at 60s so that he can look after his adult children, too bad, I would have clicked with him if he was 20 years younger. I clicked with another younger man, he’s like the toughest teacher ever and the best friend of my life, too bad he’s not available. So the guy out there, you know what I mean?
I have a secret wish, one day, man and woman, young and old, we talk about sex because we are all really enjoying it.
Again, I hope I don’t lose more male or female potential customers.





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