My Prophet

I’m in love with a man of my life. He’s a writer, and I have convinced myself that all the words he wrote is about me. He wrote:“He chooses her, of course, even better, he loves her, day after day. True love, that’s the thing.” I think he’s saying he loves me hehe

For years, I dreamt of meeting the love of my life while we are both doing teaching volunteer work. People tell me that I’m a dreamer. I thought so too. Until I found him. I was holding community singles event, he volunteered to help me every day in the event group.

Being him, he gives courage and kindness to everyone in the world, but the thing that killed me is that he showed me who I am and he loved me like a father to son.

I don’t know why is he not the prime minister of this country, the system is just wrong. I can’t imagine a world filled with everyone just like him, encouraging, wise, loving, kind, brave… Oh my god you name it.

When I realised that I loved him, I told him that honestly. I have asked him for a date and he refused me gently. I don’t blame him, how can a father date his son? I’ll wait and mean while trying to become a person like him. Even better, I hope to beat him, you encourage me, I encourage you more; you brave, I’m braver than you; you write touching words, I write emotional sentence. It’s not likely that I’ll succeed but that’ll be the way I love him.

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