Why me Why you, and what if?

What if I met you when I was young and vibrant,

What if you met me when you were selfish?

We would live happily ever after, you know why, because your god said so.

Now in our 40s, we actually met and have grown together in the matter of a few months.

We found love.

Along the way, we found: friendship, physical attraction, dignity, revolution, trust… everything beautiful you can imagine on human beings.

We simply agree on everything, we are passionate about the same thing, your World Family, my Global Village. You solved my puzzle on love and indifference.

You are my prophet, you showed me what kindness can do to people, I quote you” it got too much that I had to pass it on to other people or I’ll be drowned.”

We are not together yet, although I’m crazy about you, your soul and your appearance, I feel we are still missing the last ingredient to have our French kiss.

That is, your honesty, my love. 😉

What’s your future lover’s name?

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