That Event – For Grace and Mercy

That event, Grace and Mercy met.

Grace was makeup free but she didn’t know it was for him.

Mercy showed his first signs of being a genie later noticed by Grace.

Mercy loved her by showing her his talents: he can sing like a host, she can’t ; he wouldn’t listen to a word she says, she’s shy; he gave an origami heart to a perfect girl when finishing. Grace saw that, she was happy that this plain boy found love.

Later in the Wechat group which she held, he became the leader who showed mercy and love to her and every single person.
Each day, a reality virtual show is going on in her group. There are discussions about love, living, there are dispute and disagreement about politics and love, but never any argument, because this group is just so great and filled with so much wonderful people. As Mercy always praise them: you are a champion. And to her, he says: “you have done a great job. I have told my mum about you.”

In this process, Grace learnt to become a leader, why? Because Mercy taught her, he said to her, I’m too blunt, then Grace realised she was too blunt yesterday to R. When Grace apologised to R, she cried because they all said, no big deal. Grace finally learnt what is respect. She doesn’t yell at her son but now she let her son do what ever he chooses to do. Ever since, Grace watches Mercy, what is he really talking about? He seemed to be trying to teach Grace every skill a leader needs to possess. She absorbed all of them. Grace changed, she was a quiet thinker who just wanted to make some money out of her poverty, now she broadcasted to the world and told them what she has been thinking all these years: I want to change the world. She finally found herself and what she is. She was so proud of her.

One day, Mercy gave resignation to her and the group: I am leaving you guys. And to her, he says: don’t forget what you have said.

Grace didn’t know what to do, she cried and cried and she knew that she fell in love with he who gave her a new life. She knew she fell in love with freedom, dream and who she is.

So she chased him bluntly. She just wanted to marry Mercy. Will she succeed? Let’s see.

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