Dream work

25 years of academic, certificate after certificate.

16 years of searching for office work.

Office politics is like dancing in the rain,

I quit.

Wait, I want to sue you for inequality,

simply thinking of this, made me feel like I’m a real human being like you are, I felt I have a pair of bird’s wing which slowly lifted me high above the ground, and swing my spirit into the blue sky. I wanted to call out my free feeling to someone but no one to hear, so I started to singing the songs that I couldn’t plotter. Forget about the paper work I have to go through to sue you, I’m already free when I plottered my suing towards you.

Yet it hadn’t happen and no compensation was earned. I hadn’t earned my equality, yet I’ll send you a Christmas card for companionship.

Now I am doing dream work,

cleaning the factory warehouse at 5 am, cashing in while losing weight.

The 5 kg vacuum is on my back, in my mind, I’m drafting my writing for the day.

Where is this going to lead? I don’t know, I have enough money to support me for now, I know.

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