I have another confess

I am an useless rat.

Let me tell you how,

I want LV bag so badly that I slammed men to buy for me,

I want to comfortably lay in my bed to day dreaming, so I begged the government for some pension,

I begged parents to buy house for me so I can have a shelter.

I wronged the government,

they sent little sexy creatures to me to have fun with me,

so I can forget the pain and enjoy now.

I wronged you,

always judged you and classed you into classes. I did that to myself as well.

I laughed about you in my mind, then I laughed myself to be inside those little pictures you have depicted for me in front of my eyes.

This is a funny story, a romantic one, you know I love being romantic.

Romantic Stories From Real Life - The Most Romantic Stories Ever

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