Outside Centrelink

2 hours outside Centrelink,

a lot had happened.

Someone was not happy with the officer, and yelled, then peacefully walked away.

An African woman stood in front of me, I thought, are you jumping in? Thankfully, she left.

Otherwise, I’ll have to let her, because I also thought of what might have happened to her in her entire life.

A police also came in to say hello to each queuer, and said, be patient, it’s going to take a bit longer.

I was so boring and started to wonder about him and love.

He is just a white noble man who taught me about true respect, he taught me respect and freedom are like air and water, each can not live by themselves. Then for me, love and freedom came as a chain reaction, happened promptly after I learnt real respect.

The love betweeen him and I are:

Patience, I’ll wait for ever for it to happen.

Sympathy, this was not my word, but I accepted that he had huge sympathy toward me.

Arrogant, we never really talked to each other.

When I found out he had other priority for me, I said, really? Yes, he assured.

I set him free out of certainty.

I myself ran away with my arms flipped in the air like a little girl, to my next lover.

I won’t die with you now, we have our priorities.


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