Smart Us

I walked into the tangled room,

It’s deadly silent.

workers were seated like primary students, each with their chair and canteen desks 1 meter apart from each other.

Then I started to untangle the 30 meter long electrical cord. It’s one tangle in another and another… I’m not joking, it’s like the worst tangle ever. I felt like the end of the world. Too scared my limbs were shaking.

All of sudden they started talking quietly and slowly.

I heard the word “smart”.

I have a smile on my face,

great, now you know I’m pretending to be smart.

Then I saw my young and beautiful colleague’s face, she’s deadly serious.

I know she’s thinking,

she would have picked up those cord before they were tangled.

She’s the greatest leader I have seen so far.

She cleans the media table like it’s the toilet seat.

She wipes the cube divider like it’s the toilet seat again.

I wish this picture is taken by the star above us.

For my great cheer leader, C.

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