My Italian man

When he first told us that his ancestors are Italian,

my reaction was, no wonder you are short. haha

When I fell in love with him,

I put him under microscope and hoping to learn each of his hair.

His kindness and sensitivity are the most amazing features that I have never seen in such an intelligent man.

Usually smart men are cold and selfish.

Then the Corona virus came out,

then the Italian people stood out in this dark history of our earth.

During quarantine, they sang opera in their little apartment deck; they broadcasted their strong support for China and suppressed racism against Chinese.

They now started the action of sharing food in their little basket hang out of their balcony to the people passed by.

All of these were done autonomously by the people, not the government.

So yeah, there it is, my Italian man.

He has at least 5 social media accounts, on daily basis, each of them posted inspirational quotes and sending caring messages to people around the globe who he had never met.

He supports local businesses by never doing the cooking.

His radar of caring covers from people of grass root at home and third world country, to Hollywood stars and top of the hierarchy Hillary Clinton.

He encouraged me on daily basis of my match making events, and supporting my Wechat group each and every day.

When can I have my French?

My little Italian man.

Home - The University of Sydney

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