Do you look good with beard?

I dreamt of you last night.

In that dream, we were watching something, maybe a movie,

we lay in sofa, and I cuddled your legs, I didn’t rest, I kept on massaging your legs, as if I couldn’t love your legs more than enough.

Today I read “Autumn breeze is light, Autumn moon is glint” by LI Bai written in year 756.

For you, my love:

How sad and quiet is the Autumn breeze,

how glint is the autumn moon;

The dropping leaves are floating in the air,

they met and they become apart from each other.

Even the Golden Parrotbill that rested on the trees are frightened.

I remember the days when we were in love and we gathered,

Now that we are apart, when can we meet again?

In this night of autumn breeze and autumn moon,

how do we bare this pain?

Entered the door of longingness,

learnt the bitterness of longingness,

Forever longingness and forever memories.

The current longingness is endless,

If I knew that longingness is such a fetter to the heart,

I’d rather never had met you, my love.


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