My sex with him

I fantasied many sex moves to do with him,

like sucking fingers all day and et cetera. I also imagine that this behavior is synchronised between us, that is, he’s enjoying me sucking his fingers as I imagining doing that, and we become high in the same time. hehe

After so much fantasias, I know in reality, it’s going to be the same as with every other men.

I know that from experience. I have done sexting with another man, texted our sex as wild as we could, threesome, role play, SM… anything we wanted. When we actually did it, it’s like dead fish. Imaginary stuff is way much better in reality.

My wildest sex fantasy with him is that we finally get together because we are really really old. On the day we met, we look into each other’s eyes, that moment, we decided to go to the bedroom together.

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