Similar attract/ 相似相吸

I went to Chengdu Panda Centre,

luckily saw some real panda in the show ground.

They know how to stir people’s feeling that people even cheered up for the Pandas.

I was one of them too.

It’s different from watching on TV because it’s real dimension.

It made me falling in love with the Kung Fu Panda.

This guy is fun.

He taught me to be patient, to stop nagging and most of all, to be Yi (义).

Yi in Chinese meaning righteousness, courageous, and caring for loved ones.

Accidently, my eyes were brought to the word义 in the Chinese version of Bible several times in the very limited times that I have read bible.

Was this just an accident? or is it so called opposites attract? Somehow, I felt that I’m also similar to the opposites to whom I was attracted to…

I’m learning to be Yi, hopefully the next time when I meet him, I will find out if it’s the similar attract or opposites.












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