Voluntary medication – Day 4 /自愿吃药第4天

I have been hearing noises, and getting uninvited thoughts from her, so I have decided to use medication. I just wanna these things to go away, so that I can be the old dumb me.

So far so good,

tried to follow Mr G’s instruction on his FB to win a prize from his birthday, this required me to log on to Instagram. What the hell? Accidently performed the instructions in FB instead of IG. Any way, happy birthday to Mr G. He’s an English teacher with a very good sense of style. He looked like MAO Zedong with his cape on. His sense of world vision also coincides with Chairman Mao.

Also got a bit of cold hearted this morning.

Smiled then cleaned the shower screen. Self love is another extreme when longing by someone.





Vegetarian Beijing Spring roll at my private kitchen in home.

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