Age does matter, Marriage could exist /年龄有关系,婚姻可以存在

In my life, I have had divorce, I have been with younger guys, my experience told me that age does matter, and marriage could exist.

I wanna to be a wife again, when I fell in love with the man of my life, I asked for a date, he rejected me, I proposed my love to him, he rejected me, I said to him finally, I wanna have your baby. He rejected me.

This is how I came up with the marriage could exist idea, I loved him that much that I could have his baby without that piece of paper. I feel his love, I trust him more than to myself. That’s all.

I’m very calculative, I can accept him 7 years younger than me, but not more than that. Age is not just a number.



这就是我的婚姻可有可无的起因。我那么爱他,可以无婚姻和他生宝宝。 我感受到他的爱,我信任他多过自己。就这样。


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