Why work more when you can do less/那么累干嘛?

My friend said he couldn’t believe that I work 1.5 hours a day

“No one does that”


I’m not sure

Why so many people on FB who seemed to have dreams are working small hours with little bucks? They are always having fun.

I envy them.

we work hard not for the intention of being slaves of our lives

not to mention some people are out of opportunity to work at all

I wake up at 4 am, prepare to get ready for the cleaning work within the next 40 minutes. Then head to work.

Finish cleaning work at 6.30.

The rest of the day until 8pm, I feel like a Monky King. Why?

I get to fly my fingers in my desk creating my magic moments, I then get out to see the village that’s never changed in it’s view year after year. I also get to lie down to rest.

Couldn’t do all of these in an office.

Yes, I have a terrible house that makes me feel like sigh all day..

I’m still happily playing my character and hoping magic will happen..
















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