That Cloud/曾经沧海难为水 ceng jing cang hai nan wei shui

Today I learnt a rather disappointing love story from a best friend

I always suspected that he is hiding something behind those ears

Now I know what it is, part of the story anyway, he’s still reluctant to tell me the remaining

I have empathy for him, strongly

Because I used to love him deeply

Who doesn’t have love?

This poem is for him and you, my best friends

It’s written by YUAN Zhen from Tang Dynasty

I translate as below:

After we have witnessed the craziness of the huge ocean wave,

we despise any other water.

Since we have enjoyed the magical and cloudy intimacy the WU Mountain had brought to us,

all the other intimacies are tasteless.

No matter how many flowers are around us, we couldn’t bother to check them out.

The reason being that we have got a cold heart, and that I have had you in my heart, before, today and in the future.













For You, my friend.

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