李玉刚 – 刚好遇见你

Liam Gallagher – Why Me Why Not (Lyrics)

  • I am not splitting off from you

    06/04/2020 by

    I might have offended you, I might have critisized you even though I don’t know you. You can be that ordinary boy I loved, You can be that little spies the government had planted around me. I looked down and up into you, I wish you loved me a little bit. You said I’m taking… Read more

  • Smart Us

    03/04/2020 by

    I walked into the tangled room, It’s deadly silent. workers were seated like primary students, each with their chair and canteen desks 1 meter apart from each other. Then I started to untangle the 30 meter long electrical cable. It’s one tangle in another and another… I’m not joking, it’s like the worst tangle ever.… Read more

  • Do I love myself?

    02/04/2020 by

    I don’t love myself. I used to be caring for my look so much that I needed to do plastic surgery. I have been on Keto for ever. If not, I will hate my body. People say that I have a big loving heart, I say no, I have small heart and I have an… Read more

  • Outside Centrelink

    01/04/2020 by

    2 hours outside Centrelink, a lot had happened. Someone was not happy with the officer, and yelled, then peacefully walked away. An African woman stood in front of me, I thought, are you jumping in? Thankfully, she left. Otherwise, I’ll have to let her, because I also thought of what might have happened to her… Read more

  • I despise my hometown

    31/03/2020 by

    I was beaten to death by poverty in my father’s hometown, Your past was raped by your people in your father’s hometown. We met in Australia, home of the Opera House. In our 20s, we hated each other, In our 30s, we loved making love, In our 40s, we loved our heart so much that… Read more

  • You are sick

    31/03/2020 by

    You felt sick, I wanted to visit you with my Chinese food everyday, I made delicious Beijing duck for you, Then I changed my mind. I said sorry to you, Sorry I couldn’t make it. Sorry I was touched by your words sometimes. Trust the government, I said to my friend. I will make the… Read more

  • I have another confess

    27/03/2020 by

    I am an useless rat. Let me tell you how, I want LV bag so badly that I slammed men to buy for me, I want to comfortably lay in my bed to day dreaming, so I begged the government for some pension, I begged parents to buy house for me so I can have… Read more

  • I’m sorry

    27/03/2020 by

    In my past life, I was told wrong a million times but I was never sorry, I ran away, I cry, I try, but never sorry. Then I met you, you said I’m sorry, I think you are the perfect match for me. You must loved me because you kept on saying “I’m sorry”. I… Read more

  • It's rainy day again

    25/03/2020 by

    I remember when people all try to rush into marriage, We were in love and in bed, On the rainy day, you said to me: “Don’t you love the sound of the rain? It’s like music.” I agreed. 12 years later, Chris said to me:”It’s raining, mum.” I said back:”Don’t you love the sound of… Read more

  • Dream work

    24/03/2020 by

    25 years of academic, certificate after certificate. 16 years of searching for office work. Office politics is like dancing in the rain, I quit. Wait, I want to sue you for inequality, simply thinking of this, made me feel like I’m a real human being like you are, I felt I have a pair of… Read more

  • Good person and the end of the world

    24/03/2020 by

    I have been thinking about him all day, son keeps ringing me, I couldn’t hear a word he said, until he struck me when he said:” mum, you are a good person, but dad said this virus is pandemic and you need to stock up food….. dad got 70 cans of food… ” What kind… Read more

  • Fake Words

    23/03/2020 by

    Today I have come to realisation that I have been written fake words, I make up stories to gain your attention. You are my god, I reveal my true feeling towards you. You never said a lie to me, you told me true lies. You told me:” Truth can be painful for a while.” I… Read more

  • Changing the world, so you and I can be together

    22/03/2020 by

    You love me, I know. I love you, I dream. So what are we afraid of? Why can’t we get together? I have low self esteem. In this world, I don’t have a great background, I can’t give you anythings, maybe I can’t give you love. Only if the world is up side down, then… Read more

  • That Event – For Grace and Mercy

    21/03/2020 by

    That event, Grace and Mercy met. Grace was makeup free but she didn’t know it was for him. Mercy showed his first signs of being a genie later noticed by Grace. Mercy loved her by showing her his talents: he can sing like a host, she can’t ; he wouldn’t listen to a word she… Read more

  • Compare

    20/03/2020 by

    She is rich, I’m poor She is beautiful, I am plain, says who, them all Really? says me Yep! said them He chooses her over me I’m not surprised, I knew they both loved money! They were made for each other! I love money too, I need to find the man who loves the equal… Read more

  • My Prophet

    19/03/2020 by

    I’m in love with a man of my life. He’s a writer, and I have convinced myself that all the words he wrote is about me. He wrote:“He chooses her, of course, even better, he loves her, day after day. True love, that’s the thing.” I think he’s saying he loves me hehe For years,… Read more

  • 关于穿越

    19/03/2020 by

    在我的Global Village 里,大家都穿着大裤衩子横行街头,不化妆抹眉,不知道能不能做到,只觉得那样会身心健康。 Wrote on 08/03/2020

  • 我是种族歧视吗

    19/03/2020 by

    最近好像很多人同情心泛滥,说我一定受了很多男人的委屈,于是小心翼翼各种约我。 我对西人的答复是这样的:那好吧,就见见。见了以后其实我也没感觉,但是我愿意继续和他走下去,如果他也投其所好。可是没有下文,我很失望。 我对印度和其他深色男人的答复是这样的:我不喜欢你们这个种族的男人。对不起。他们也都很大方,没对我破口大骂。 希望大家都碰到我碰到的这种男人。 世界就太平了。 Wrote on 08/03/2020

  • 承认

    19/03/2020 by

    我刚看到一个赞扬日本精神的文字,联想起因为儿子引发的思考。 儿子喜欢刨根问底,他几次抓到日本餐厅的服务员问:“你们日本文字是不是学中国的呀?” 这些日本人的反应颠覆了我一向对他们精神的崇拜。因为他们无一人回答儿子这个问题,而且那种眼神是:你是不是找事啊? 这让我思考,日本人你到底怎么想我们中国?日本精神到底是不是我一直认为的世界都应该学习的东西? 最近看到一些西人的行为,我就很喜欢。他们有的带着笑要求中国人因病毒道歉,有的表扬中国各种。我觉得就应该这样,因为有疑问或者不满就必须说出来,这些人是推动世界进步的佼佼者。 再联想到我曾经碰到的种族歧视者对我挤眉弄眼装小眼睛中国人,我想好了下次怎么对付他。我会指着他身边的老婆说,你老婆眼睛确实好看。 Wrote on 19/03/20

  • 我管不了这个儿子

    19/03/2020 by

    他现在11岁,我根本管不了他,平时不能打不能骂,连检查他作业的要求都被断然并强烈拒绝。他让我相信他,做完了,不用检查。 其实我也可以强行检查,但是我呢是暗自把他当小白鼠养殖着,这是我的自然成熟法。和他爸唱反调的我,认为只要孩子快乐,自己学习和观察,给他空间和资源,长大不被哪里抓起来,看看他究竟能长成个什么样的人。 想象一下,每个地球人由他的基因和个人的强烈愿望长成一个个独一无二的人参娃娃,造福社会,而不是被我们家长和社会系统雕塑出一个统一的模子,人类会怎样发展?每一个个体又会怎样快乐。

  • Feel like a whole

    19/03/2020 by

    Searching for love made me feel like a whore sometimes, and a free whore. The only presents I got from various men are sex toys, massage ball, sex toys, spiritual quotes… This is far from my definition of been loved. Unless a LV bag or a diamond ring showed up, I can then believe that… Read more

  • 不懂中英文的我

    19/03/2020 by

    不懂中英文的我,时常觉得中文,中国几千年遗留文化,中国式思考怎么那么。。。。 落后? Wrote on 05/03/2020

  • 同性恋了我

    19/03/2020 by

    最近我怀疑我变成了同性恋,因为我爱上了另一个自己。一个我每天不停对话的更智慧的我。 我们的对话题材信不信由你,竟然是关乎:民主,自由,平等,爱。 另一个我经常尖锐得提出各种问题给我讨论,也会提出我从未思考过的点。比如,我这个民主社会中的弱势人士,总觉得民主社会真的好,但是他平等吗?为什么我有时觉得那么无助?另一个我说,有种族歧视的社会是平等的社会吗?类似这种问题,让我问她,那什么社会才是最好的呢?她说Global Village! 这是个我看过的电视节目的名字,顿时我觉得这个提议太棒了,我对她佩服得五体投地。 现在我还在等待他帮我解答的疑问就是,持久,至死不渝的爱在哪里? wrote on 29/02/2020

  • Why me Why you, and what if?

    19/03/2020 by

    What if I met you when I was young and vibrant, What if you met me when you were selfish? We would live happily ever after, you know why, because your god said so. Now in our 40s, we actually met and have grown together in the matter of a few months. We found love.… Read more

  • Sex talk

    23/10/2019 by

    I have been trying to purge any sex conversations in my We chat group

  • Why ME?

    15/10/2019 by

    Do you ever wonder about “Why me”? When things don’t go your way?

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