I’m sorry

In my past life,

I was told wrong a million times but I was never sorry, I ran away, I cry, I try, but never sorry.

Then I met you, you said I’m sorry,

I think you are the perfect match for me. You must loved me because you kept on saying “I’m sorry”.

I got my perfect match, my 1 carat diamond ring from China town.

Ordinary life with tones of sorry from you.

Then the theft stole that ring, our marriage broke.

In my current life,

Even more men said sorry to me. I said to one of them, I want to have a baby with you.

We only met once.

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Except that you have altered the history

Except that you have altered the history,

I won’t believe that you have rejected me because you never loved me.

You might have too big of a cock,

You will to die for your country,

You probably were an arrogant gentleman,

They told me that you are a spy, I don’t believe it, unless you have altered the history.

We are global villager,

Before the end of the world,

we meet in Africa.

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It's rainy day again

I remember when people all try to rush into marriage,

We were in love and in bed,

On the rainy day, you said to me:

“Don’t you love the sound of the rain? It’s like music.”

I agreed.

12 years later,

Chris said to me:”It’s raining, mum.”

I said back:”Don’t you love the sound of the rain? It’s like music.”

He agreed.

When ever there is a rain, Chris looks at the rain and mumbling: “Sound of music.”

Then he happily jumps into the car,

we head to his expensive school you afforded.

Co-ed, it is.

Dream work

25 years of academic, certificate after certificate.

16 years of searching for office work.

Office politics is like dancing in the rain,

I quit.

Wait, I want to sue you for inequality,

simply thinking of this, made me feel like I’m a real human being like you are, I felt I have a pair of bird’s wing which slowly lifted me high above the ground, and swing my spirit into the blue sky. I wanted to call out my free feeling to someone but no one to hear, so I started to singing the songs that I couldn’t plotter. Forget about the paper work I have to go through to sue you, I’m already free when I plottered my suing towards you.

Yet it hadn’t happen and no compensation was earned. I hadn’t earned my equality, yet I’ll send you a Christmas card for companionship.

Now I am doing dream work,

cleaning the factory warehouse at 5 am, cashing in while losing weight.

The 5 kg vacuum is on my back, in my mind, I’m drafting my writing for the day.

Where is this going to lead? I don’t know, I have enough money to support me for now, I know.

Good person and the end of the world

I have been thinking about him all day,

son keeps ringing me,

I couldn’t hear a word he said, until he struck me when he said:” mum, you are a good person, but dad said this virus is pandemic and you need to stock up food….. dad got 70 cans of food… ”

What kind of son calls mum a good person? This Chinese mum said back to him:” a good person? are you crazy?” He said back:” you are crazy, mum.”

Yes, I forgot, you are an Australian and I’m Chinese.

Now come back to the virus situation. I have been thinking about my love situation non stop. Watching people panic made me wonder, what’s the point of living without love and freedom?

Fake Words

Today I have come to realisation that I have been written fake words,

I make up stories to gain your attention.

You are my god, I reveal my true feeling towards you.

You never said a lie to me, you told me true lies.

You told me:” Truth can be painful for a while.”

I felt so much pain since I met you,

yet, I love you so much day by day, why?

Because truth is love. Truth is sweet. Truth is big heart. Truth is trophy. Truth is knowing. Truth is big dream….

I love you. My true god.

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Changing the world, so you and I can be together

You love me, I know.

I love you, I dream.

So what are we afraid of? Why can’t we get together?

I have low self esteem. In this world, I don’t have a great background, I can’t give you anythings, maybe I can’t give you love.

Only if the world is up side down, then I will have the confidence to love you with who I am.

That is why I have come to the idea of “Changing the world.”

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